Monday, May 09, 2005

I Worship You

Written by Erik Carlson
May 9, 2005 (approximately 12:30 am)


I lift my hands up.
I lift my voice up.
I lift my heart to worship you.

I lift my eyes up.
I lift my joy up.
I lift my soul to worship you.


Jesus, you're my king of kings,
My all in all, my everything.
Jesus, I worship you.

You're my prince of peace, you're the breath of life,
The holy one, you are salt and light.
Jesus, I worship you.

In all I do, I worship you.


Jesus, you're the holy fire
My majesty, my soul's desire
Jesus, I worship you.

You're my mighty rock, the blessed one
My sword and shield, God's only son
Jesus, I worship you.

Copyright 2005 | All Rights Reserved | Seventhseed Records

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