Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Confession Is Good

I will admit that my prayer life flourishes when I am worshipping. That's always been my form of prayer that most resonates with me. I have a difficult time humbling myself, bending my knees and pressing my face into the dirt. Granted, I definitely need to discipline myself more to do this.

My wife and I were recently talking about the need to go deeper in our confessions to God. I find that if we're in the middle of an argument, my tendency is to ask God to help me get over my feelings of anger instead of confessing and repenting of my sin while apologizing to my bride.

The past few weeks at KHOP I have felt very numb when we've worshipped. While the rest of the crew has been into the worship a bit, I feel like I haven't been very authentic up there and have been just giving God lip service. I don't want to stand before God as a bumbling idiot. I want to stand before him, worshipping him with my whole heart.

Yesterday I confessed these feelings to one of my worship partners and he expressed the same insight to his feelings. I'm not sure if it's because of our confessions last night but it was extremely easy to make it through the 2-hour set...even without a prayer leader. Praise God.

Last night was one of those nights in which God laid several choruses and songs on our heart. It's normally a good sign when we only make it through 2-3 songs as opposed to 8...and last night was no exception. Praise God (again).

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Public Library

So today I ran over to the Des Moines Public Library to pick up a book called "Boundaries With Kids" by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. I asked my wife what she wants for Christmas and she said for me to read this book. Man, I love her!

So I was looking up some Christian authors and I found myself checking out the bottom shelf of books. On my knees, I spy a book entitled "Falling In Love with Jesus" by Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli. I smiled realizing I was in a position of humility and prayer, on my knees in the middle of this huge library. "This is definitely one way to fall in love with Him," I thought to myself...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alpha in the Workplace

I was incredibly blessed to be invited by our Adult Ministries team at church to a recent Alpha in the Workplace conference at Hosanna Lutheran Church in Lakeville, Minnesota. Lately I have been enveloped in thought as to what it means to be salt and light, especially in the marketplace. I think ultimately it means to show love to your fellow neighbor or colleague, walk with them through life, share the Gospel with them...and when necessary use words. But this course is a more purposeful outreach to your fellow employees.

What is Alpha?

The Alpha course is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed,
non-threatening manner over ten, thought-provoking weekly sessions.

A nyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. Adults of all ages are welcome.
L earning and laughter. It is possible to learn about the Christian faith and to have fun at the same time.
P eople meeting together. An opportunity to get to know others and to make new friends.
H elping one another. The small groups give you a chance to discuss issues raised during the talks.
A sk anything. Alpha is a place where no question is seen as too simple or too hostile.

When I arrived at the church Thursday morning, I was purposeful about getting into one of the vans in which I didn't know anyone. We were going to be traveling for several hours so I wanted to make a point of connecting with some new brothers and sisters. It was a blessing to share in fellowship, conversation and trail mix for the four hour drive to the Twin Cities.

I was surprised by the small attendance at this particular event, but appreciated the opportunity to network with other folks from various churches and businesses around the country. Again, I grabbed a chair at a table next to some ladies I had never met before. After a brief introduction, I learned that their boss had flown them up from Edmond, Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) to learn more about Alpha. They were interested in introducing this course to their employees.

Our conversation was truly interesting and it sounded like this:

OK Lady: So, do y'all pray before your meetings at work?
Me: Excuse me? Did you ask if we pray before our meetings?
OK Lady #1: Yeah, don't you pray before your meetings?
Me: (Choking on a cookie) Actually it's a very secular work environment. Because we're a Fortune 500 company, we're very "tolerant" (doing the hand gesture) of diversity but in respect of everyone's beliefs we don't practice that.
OK Lady #2: Well you know Erik, someday we'll all have to stand before the Lord and answer to him.
Me: (silence)

Thankfully the programming started but I learned later:
1. They pray after their monthly employee town meetings
2. They have an on-site chaplain that prays for employees, does hospital visits, etc.
3. The company tithes 10% of its profits
4. All of upper management is Christians and they continually pray to God for guidance and wisdom
5. There are PLENTY of opportunities to learn about Jesus and the Gospel including several classes and Bible studies
6. They have never been sued but HR has certainly had lots of conversations with employees

Our conversations definitely made me pause and appreciate their situation. It would be amazing to open up our meetings at work in prayer. However, we do have lots of opportunities to get plugged into various ministries at work including Bible studies, prayer groups, book clubs, etc.

The guest speakers were awesome, however after several hours my thinking shifted from "This is going to be pretty easy to implement" to "Wow. We're really going to need to get on our knees and pray about this. There's a ton of planning to do to ensure this is seamless and impactful for our colleagues so that God can do his thing."

Thankfully, I have a partner-in-crime at work and she and I are going to meet tomorrow to pray and dialogue about next steps so please keep us in your prayers.

Hosanna did an amazing job or putting together this conference. There was great worship, hospitality, presentations, and prayer. At the time, I had really been under the weather and had been experiencing horrible fatigue, dizziness, a rapid heart and more. I came forward during prayer time and let a gentleman lay hands on me and pray for my health in addition to God preparing the way here in Des Moines. I felt a rush of blackness leave my body and it was the first time in my life I thought I was going to fall over.

Lastly, the highlight of the event was meeting singer/songwriter and amazing worship leader: Tim Hughes. He was rehearsing for the main Alpha conference the next day and I was blessed to catch a couple of songs (Blessed Be Your Name and Beautiful One, which he wrote). After the conference I sought him out and thanked him for blessing me with his music and allowing God to work through him. Needless to say, I've kind of been on a Tim Hughes kick ever since. A site I stumbled on that I should pass along to you is Not only is there some great content on the site, there's some awesome songs they've posted.

Please keep Alpha in the Workplace in your prayers and especially here in Des Moines. I have a feeling that this could be a spark that could fan into flames...a passion for His name...uniting the Church here in Des Moines and spreading the everlasting love of Jesus Christ in the workplace in my company and several, several others.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Who's Your Neighbor?

Sometimes it's lonely in the corporate world especially as a Christian. It's not like we're branded believers versus non-believers so I can automatically connect with my brothers and sisters in the marketplace. I think this is a good reminder to live a radical life for Jesus, even in the workplace by modeling and living by the fruits of the Spirit. People will eventually catch-on.

A good indication is when people swear around you. Once they figured out you're living for Jesus, they normally apologize when they swear. Maybe not always when they are taking the Lord's name in vain, which is more offensive to me, but sometimes.

Yesterday I held the elevator for an unaware colleague of mine, who was busy stuffing confidential documents into the shredding bin. She hurried in and we exchanged the normal pleasantries. Normally we wouldn't have much in common so she hurried a few steps in front of me as we exited the building, following the same route to our cars. This time she turned back and said, "Do you lead worship at KHOP on Tuesday nights?"

Surprised by the connection, I responded, "Yeah, do you go to Elim Christian Fellowship for the Bible study on Tuesdays?" It lead into a bigger discussion about her experiences at Elim and KHOP. But I walked up the dreary hill to my car with a smile on face knowing I made a connection with another Christian on fire for Jesus.

Matthew 18:20 reads, "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

God didn't want us to be alone. He gave Adam, Eve. Jesus had 12 disciples. They were companions, partners, buddies, brothers and sisters. It's the same way in the marketplace. God wants us to connect with other Christians in the workplace. After all, we spend SO much time together, why not make it pleasing and fruitful to God?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Web 2.0

So I found some cool Web 2.0 tools online including, where I designed a 3D version of myself. Check it out...

When God Gives You a Voice

Now let me praise the keeper of Heaven's kingdom,
the might of the Creator, and his thought,
the work of the Father of glory, how each of wonders
the Eternal Lord established in the beginning.
He first created for the sons of men
Heaven as a roof, the holy Creator,
then Middle-earth the keeper of mankind,
the Eternal Lord, afterwards made,
the earth for men, the Almighty Lord.

From Wikipedia:

Caedmon (IPA: [kaedmÉ’n]) is the earliest English poet whose name is known. An Anglo-Saxon herdsman attached to the double monastery of Streonaeshalch (Whitby Abbey) during the abbacy of St. Hilda (657–681), he was originally ignorant of "the art of song" but supposedly learned to compose one night in the course of a dream. He later became a zealous monk and an accomplished and inspirational religious poet.

Caedmon is one of twelve Anglo-Saxon poets identified in medieval sources, and one of only three for whom both roughly contemporary biographical information and examples of literary output have survived.[1] His story is related in the Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum ("Ecclesiastical History of the English People") by St. Bede who wrote, "There was in the Monastery of this Abbess a certain brother particularly remarkable for the Grace of God, who was wont to make religious verses, so that whatever was interpreted to him out of scripture, he soon after put the same into poetical expressions of much sweetness and humility in English, which was his native language. By his verse the minds of many were often excited to despise the world, and to aspire to heaven."

Caedmon's only known surviving work is Caedmon's Hymn, the nine-line alliterative vernacular praise poem in honour of God he supposedly learned to sing in his initial dream. The poem is one of the earliest attested examples of Old English and is, with the runic Ruthwell Cross and Franks Casket inscriptions, one of three candidates for the earliest attested example of Old English poetry. It is also one of the earliest recorded examples of sustained poetry in a Germanic language.

Bede's account

The sole source of original information about Caedmon's life and work is Bede's Historia ecclesiastica.[2] According to Bede, Caedmon was a lay brother who worked as a herdsman at the monastery Streonaeshalch (now known as Whitby Abbey). One evening, while the monks were feasting, singing, and playing a harp, Caedmon left early to sleep with the animals because he knew no songs. While asleep, he had a dream in which "someone" (quidem) approached him and asked him to sing principium creaturarum, "the beginning of created things." After first refusing to sing, Caedmon subsequently produced a short eulogistic poem praising God as the creator of heaven and earth.

Upon awakening the next morning, Caedmon remembered everything he had sung and added additional lines to his poem. He told his foreman about his dream and gift and was taken immediately to see the abbess. The abbess and her counsellors asked Caedmon about his vision and, satisfied that it was a gift from God, gave him a new commission, this time for a poem based on “a passage of sacred history or doctrine”, by way of a test. When Caedmon returned the next morning with the requested poem, he was ordered to take monastic vows. The abbess ordered her scholars to teach Caedmon sacred history and doctrine, which after a night of thought, Bede records, Caedmon would turn into the most beautiful verse. According to Bede, Caedmon was responsible for a large oeuvre of splendid vernacular poetic texts on a variety of Christian topics.

After a long and zealously pious life, Caedmon died like a saint: receiving a premonition of death, he asked to be moved to the abbey’s hospice for the terminally ill where, having gathered his friends around him, he expired just before nocturns.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time to Sit Down?

My father-in-law surprised me a few years ago at Christmas with a decent Yamaha "Portatone" keyboard. While he knew I loved music, I really didn't have a clue how to play it.

When I was in grade school, my folks attempted to introduce me to the piano unsuccessfully. I just wanted ready for it yet. Maybe if they had only waited 26 years, they would have gotten their money's worth.

In high school, I found a creative outlet in the piano and began feeling my way around the keys. I had no idea what the chords were I was playing, but I was dangerous enough to make up songs primarily about high school romance and puppy love.

My knowledge of the piano quickly faded away, especially when I gingerly took up the guitar in my 20s. Little did I know that playing the guitar would help me feel my way around the keys of this piano again.

This keyboard has gotten some use over the past couple of years, but lately I have been playing the guitar and prodding around on the keyboard forming the chords. I am dangerous enough to be able to pick up most worship songs and fake it. It is a little difficult to develop any sort of rhythm although I'm slowly improving.

But music has been given a new life through this learning process. You could definitely say that as I am typing this at 1:05 AM after spending the last three hours playing the guitar and piano.

I think Misty Edwards has given me inspiration in wanting to learn how to play. Apparently when she took the call at International House of Prayer, she only knew a few chords. After her set, she ran out of the prayer room and said she would never do it again. Another missionary there chased after her, encouraged her, and prophesied over her. God breathed life into those fingers and into her lungs and now she sings and plays like an angel. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is.

Then there's Bill who keeps sending me the story of Caedmon...and that, my friends I will post tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

God's Music

I started a little home improvement project at home over the weekend. I'm painting what we've dubbed "The Dorm Room," and it's transforming into a warm, inviting room. I spent a great deal of time over the weekend sanding and priming the paneled walls. On Sunday, I was able to knock out a bunch of the painting.

Last night I determined it needed another coat so I got started after the kids went to bed. After my wife called it a night, I tuned into the IHOP webcast and was blessed to have caught Luke Wood's worship set, who is one of my favorite worship leaders. He spent the entire two hour set play D - G - D2/F# - G over and over and over. As simple as it was, it was an incredible blessing. I sat down at my computer to take a break, listening to the chords resonate in my ears. I opened up and navigated to Psalm 46 and began breaking down the scripture into lyrics and a melody. Truthfully, it came easily as I was inspired by the music I was already listening to. I finished about half the song and decided that I'd work on it the following day, resuming my painting.

It's unseasonably warm here and despite my high powered fan motoring a cool breeze throughout the room, my utility light kept it pretty toasty downstairs. At one point in the night, I found myself on my knees trimming above the baseboards. I was uncomfortably warm and sweating, yet I was reminded of Mary sitting at Jesus' feet. My guess is the music had something to do with that vision but it was easy to ignore my discomfort because of the subtle reminder of a Savior who loves me.

As soon as Luke's set was over, Clay Edwards transitioned into worship and began playing some recognizable chords in the key of "E" on the piano. Something stirred in me and God captured my attention. Clay was singing the exact same melody to a song about Psalm 121 we wrote down at KHOP several weeks ago. Despite the difference in lyrics, the melody was exactly the same down to the chorus and lyrics. Instead of singing "Hallelujah" over and over as we do in the chorus, Clay was repeating "Jesus".

This was a reminder to me that the music that pours from my heart and soul is not my own. It's on borrowed time from God who surgically implants it when I am focused on Him alone, when the Holy Spirit is on the move.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Living Radically For God

I’m sensing a thread from God today. He’s really laid social justice on my heart lately and I keep bumping into story after story about serving the poor and living radically for Jesus.

This morning I mentioned that to one of my accountability partners and he said, “You know…you don’t need to necessarily associate social justice with the poor. What about the work you are doing in your workplace?”

I will admit that I am incredibly blessed to be able to practice my faith so freely in the workplace. It’s actually encouraged here so I belong to a men’s Bible study, organize a monthly get together with other members of my church, and pray weekly with a group of prayer warriors over lunch. Today the epiphany hit me while I was praying.

Last week, I attended the Carnival of Creativity, primarily because Mitch Matthews, inventor of the game “Q”, was speaking about, well…creativity. One thing that was mentioned that really resonated with me was this quote:

The opposite of creativity is criticism, skepticism and cynicism.

I will admit that at times we have that dark cloud following us around here at work. And I am responsible for dispelling that spirit, to preach the Gospel always and at times use words.

Sometimes you need to be careful about what you pray for because God will definitely answer your prayers in His own way. Lately it seems like I’ve been muttering, “Help me to live radically for you Jesus.” And He usually responds in ways that take me out of my comfort zone. I normally look back at those times and smile at what He taught me as a result.

During my Principal prayer time today, I was praying for an employee who is considering leaving her husband because of his insecurities and because she’s fallen out of love with him. I was reflecting on this situation when I remembered an incident from this morning’s drive. A driver next to me was enveloped with his hand held device and managed to change lanes unknowingly. Granted, this is during morning rush hour on the interstate…smart, huh?

My immediate thought this morning was to chuckle as God spoke, “When we are encompassed with our daily distractions and lose focus on God, eventually we end up wondering how we wound up in our current situation.”

This anonymous colleague of mine is probably wondering the same thing. And while I was praying on this, God revealed to me something kind of interesting. I heard Him say, “Ask if the husband has any friends. And invite him to the men’s ministry at Hope where he can get connected with God and with other men who love God.”

I guess when I asked God to help me live radically for Him, sometimes it means rolling my sleeves up at work. As I pondered this and reflected upon today's events and the creativity conference, I wrote down these words on my prayer requests...

"I want to make a positive impact on everyone I meet."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

23 Minutes in Hell

My friend Bill gave me a CD this week entitled, "23 Minutes in Hell" which is an incredible account and testimony of Bill Wiese's journey to hell and back. I can't say that I was exactly excited to listen to this CD initially because of my encounters with dark forces in past dreams, some as recent as a few months ago. So it was somewhat intimidating for me to pop the message into the CD player of my car on the way into work the other day.

What was interesting was that from the very beginning I was very emotional about his account and became very teary eyed. I suppose it's from a number of reasons including my saddness for the world that is lost and doesn't know Jesus...that's never truly walked with Him...that rebukes Him and insults Him at the drop of a hat. Perhaps it was because of my fear and my empathy for the story unfolding before my ears.

It's scared me into reality. I questioned my belief in God and my calling to be here. Surely this is more I must do. Surely I gotta tell everyone I encounter about Jesus. Surely this is a time to turn away from my fear of man and turn towards God in fear and awesome reverance of Him. Surely it's time to step it up at home and lead a family to the cross of Jesus where they will meet a maker, a creator, a savior who loves them for who they are...who loves them where they are at. I simply cannot let my family experience the very thought of going to a world of darkness and death, and I have finally understood the calling of God to love and serve my family like Jesus loves and serves the church.

Jesus, pour out the revelation of yourself on myself and my family. Bring your living word to life. Breathe the breath of life into our lungs, into our inner being, into our souls. I choose you Jesus. I choose to follow you. I choose to serve you. I choose to love you.

Have mercy on me a sinner.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Walking with Jesus

If you are walking with Jesus, in the Spirit, you need not fear going too far. No believer has gone as far as God wants him to go.--A. A. Allen

My friend, Craig Leaming, is a few weeks into his journey, walking across America and praying every step of the way. He has amazing endurance as he's been traveling 40+ miles a day. But what's even more amazing is his humble servants heart. This journey is not about him; he'll be the first to tell you about that. This journey is about bringing God glory...about reclaiming America as Jesus' His people. I pray that God touches lives through Craig on this walk and that the fire will fan into flame...a flame of revival and repentence...maybe not in that order.

What's been really cool is how interested my 4-year-old twin sons are interested in this journey. They listen to his audio journal and more importantly they pray for him. I lost it tonight before bedtime when Logan started praying for Craig...for his protection and that God would walk with him. What four year-old says that? The same ones that sing Sweetly Broken at the top of their lungs and ask me to be quiet so they can hear it better.

Wanna learn more about Craig's "ACross Walk"? Check out his site at

Thursday, August 03, 2006

April Showers in August

God speed April!

My friend.

My prayer sherpa.

My encourager.

May God bless you on your journeys at IHOP and wherever He takes you in life...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time is of the essence

I've gone through a series of revelations lately in which I seriously need to get my time under control and disciplined. At times I grow restless and feel I need some "Erik" time but it seems to perpetuate and snowball, especially when I'm not sleeping enough. It's a dangerous cycle to fall into because it impacts all aspects of my life.

So one of my accountability partners and I sat down and made a pledge to hold each other accountable to how we manage our time. We both agreed we need to move away from the mentality that we need space and time, since that only seems to place a wedge in our relationships with God and family. Instead, we want to focus on maximizing the gift of time that God has blessed us with that is so precious. It's all about living a radical lifestyle for the Lord; talking to Him more and reading His Word...sharing His everlasting love with those around us...leading our families by being an example of salt and light.

Since BW is in California at the time in the process of adopting a baby boy, I think I've subconsciously let it slide a bit because I know I won't be held to any time standards in his absence.

But it's time to submit.

Lord, help me to submit to your will and higher obedience and discipline that you've called me into.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Maybe it's just me but I think at times when we are spiritually restless, it may be God's way of saying that He wants us in deeper obedience to Him in prayer and reading His Word. While I definitely believe that God has big dreams and plans for us, I do think that at times this restlessness that we feel isn't about us but is about our worship. As long as we keep the focus on Him and not ourselves, then the dreams and plans kind of take care of themselves. But if we're in a big hurry to discover ourselves (we should find redemption and validation through God and not through other things & people) and the dreams God has for us (which I believe ultimately start with worship of Him), then we may simply miss the point of our existence in the first place.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Dream Giver

The Matthews rock. If you know them, you're probably nodding in agreement. They decided to have a "Dream Gathering" where lots of people in our community posted their dreams (God's dreams) on a wall to be prayed over. Apparently there are over 100 dreams on the wall...and it's growing. I haven't officially contributed to this yet as it kind of makes me nervous for some reason. I guess perhaps it would mean that I am committing to a vision or dream God has laid on my heart.

Last year, I wrote about 25 dreams down on a piece of paper. I am going to attempt to try it again below (this may be a work in progress). However, I do feel it's important to only focus on one or two...not 25 all at the same time. Here's my list of dreams...
  • Record and distribute a CD
  • Form a Harp & Bowl worship team
  • Play local venues
  • Lead worship at major conferences and houses of prayer
  • Write a book about worship
  • Develop and facilitate a worship workshop
  • Study at the Forerunner Music Academy
  • Step out in faith and start an entrepreneur business
  • Help launch Thomas Lift
  • Design and produce some cool t-shirts
  • Short-term missions trips to anywhere...Jamaica, Ghana, Mexico, India, China, Mozambique, Brazil, Fiji, Tahiti, Australia
  • Be a part of a 24/7 prayer movement
  • Play a more active role as a sponsor of our Compassion child
  • And of an awesome husband and daddy
What are YOUR dreams?

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Beauty of Simplicity

Life is full of seasons so it's no surprise that it seems like I am midst of a simplification season.

After our first short-term missions trip as a married couple and Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, we quickly decided it was time to trade in one mortgage for another. So we put our house up for a sale a little over a year ago and prayed for a buyer. It definitely wasn't the easiest process in the world and we were near our end when a young couple walked in and fell in love with the place last April. A month later we were moving into an older home with a considerably less monthly mortagage payment.

Now my wife is enveloped in her first family garage sale, and it seems we're committed being that the ad was placed in the paper yesterday. The nice element about our first garage sale is that my wife has a retail background so it's going to be one of the nicer garage sales Des Moines has ever seen. I'm kind of amazed at how quickly the garage filled up with stuff for sale. The funds from the garage sale will go towards some new patio furniture she has her eye on at Target. I'm hoping the extra proceeds can go towards a digital SLR camera, but that's just me.

In preparing for the big garage sale, my wife decided to conduct some research by hitting the local garage sales in our area. She happened upon some friends of ours from church, who are selling their house in order to simplify their lifestyle. Being that Brad is the newly crowned missions director at our church, it's no surprise what God is doing in his life.

Another friend of mine is really simplifying her life by going on a four-year journey into the missions world down in Kansas City as she studies at the International House of Prayer ( God's really been working on her to live a VERY humble life, a very simplified life, when utter and total dependence on Him alone. She's going to need to rely on Him to provide for her financially, which He's already doing to equip her for her trip. And she's going to need to cling to Him as God molds and shapes her into a new creation. While you may look at her and say, "Dang, I can't imagine someone being any more humble." God says, "More." To quote my friend, "I'm going to spend the next four years of my life eating carpet," as she lives a fasted, face-down lifestyle.

I bumped into another friend from church yesterday that has Haiti on his heart. I actually chuckled from the irony of simplification when he said, "I'm getting a word from the Lord that I should sell all of my stuff and move to Haiti into full-time missions work for two years." Go Tim, go!

And here we sat together as a family on Saturday night encouraging my sister-in-law to sell all of her possessions (so we wouldn't have to move them to California) as she heads off to graduate school in August.

Acts 2:42-47

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

The Beauty of Simplicity by Telecast

It's the beauty of simplicity
That brings me down to my knees
I'll praise You for eternity
And Lord I love you
because you, you first loved me

It's the beauty of simplicity
that fills me with eternity
I tasted your divinity
and Lord I love you
Because you, you first loved me

and all God's people say
we, we love you
we love you Lord
we love you
and we, we love you
we love you Lord
we love you
we love you

It's the beauty of simplicity
That brings me down to my knees
I'll praise you for eternity
And Lord I love you
Because you, you first loved...

You gave yourself away
Just that I could stay
You took my place and love
And knows that I could stay
But you are holy
And you alone
Deserve my praise

And all God's people say
we, we love you
we love you Lord
we love you
and we, we love you
we love you Lord
we love you
and we, we love you
we love you Lord
and we, we love you
we love you Lord
we love you
we love you
And we, we love you
we love you Lord
we love you
we love you

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Singing in the Spirit

Quote of the day: Your worst day with God is better than your best day without Him.

So my friend April told me about a Jason Upton song called "Fly" in which an angelic voice appeared on the track of the song. After some brief research, I found that Jason wrote a bit about this, I believe on his CD liner.

There is no explanation for the last song, Fly, except that during the "do you see what I see" portion you will hear a soaring voice over the top of the other voices (6 minutes and 11 seconds into this section). At first we thought it was an ambient microphone picking up an overtone. During mixing all of the channels were searched and we found that this 'boys choir' type voice was not on any of the other microphones, but was bleeding through my own microphone ( which would make it impossible for it to be an overtone because it was not present on any of the other microphones). If you listen carefully you will hear it again later in this section; it's not quite as clear because, unfortunately, my voice is prominent on that microphone. Interestingly, a boy came up to me that night and told me that he saw an angel standing about fifteen feet behind me.and another one behind our drummer. At the time I doubted that; but after hearing the 'voice' alone during the mixing process with no other instruments around it, I do not doubt it anymore. It was very humbling and convicting for me to realize that I had not believed the boy. I sometimes wrestle with why I so often disbelieve the supernatural (why would I first think it was something natural like an overtone, instead of believing it was an angel). The Bible tells us that we should not be surprised by angelic visitations; but I must admit, I was surprised!

Ironically we had a similar experience down at KHOP on Tuesday night. While Justin cried out to God in prayer, Bill, Joey and I played the chords to "40" over and over ushing in the Holy Spirit. It happened subtly as I thought perhaps Bill, Justin or Joey were singing, but after quickly scanning the stage I realized that no one was on the microphone singing this angelic chorus. Joey and I tried to sing the same chorus but fell WAY short of matching the tone and quality of these voices. I truly can't explain it other than it was from God and it was awesome.

Now there's no need to make a great pilgrimage to KHOP to listen to these angelic voices sing along with a few worshippers trying to figure out Harp & Bowl. You're not going to see Mary reflected in the glass windows or Peter in the clouds. We're doing this to bring honor and glory to God alone. Sure we'd love to have you come, but be prepared to meet Jesus here. =)