Thursday, May 11, 2006

Singing in the Spirit

Quote of the day: Your worst day with God is better than your best day without Him.

So my friend April told me about a Jason Upton song called "Fly" in which an angelic voice appeared on the track of the song. After some brief research, I found that Jason wrote a bit about this, I believe on his CD liner.

There is no explanation for the last song, Fly, except that during the "do you see what I see" portion you will hear a soaring voice over the top of the other voices (6 minutes and 11 seconds into this section). At first we thought it was an ambient microphone picking up an overtone. During mixing all of the channels were searched and we found that this 'boys choir' type voice was not on any of the other microphones, but was bleeding through my own microphone ( which would make it impossible for it to be an overtone because it was not present on any of the other microphones). If you listen carefully you will hear it again later in this section; it's not quite as clear because, unfortunately, my voice is prominent on that microphone. Interestingly, a boy came up to me that night and told me that he saw an angel standing about fifteen feet behind me.and another one behind our drummer. At the time I doubted that; but after hearing the 'voice' alone during the mixing process with no other instruments around it, I do not doubt it anymore. It was very humbling and convicting for me to realize that I had not believed the boy. I sometimes wrestle with why I so often disbelieve the supernatural (why would I first think it was something natural like an overtone, instead of believing it was an angel). The Bible tells us that we should not be surprised by angelic visitations; but I must admit, I was surprised!

Ironically we had a similar experience down at KHOP on Tuesday night. While Justin cried out to God in prayer, Bill, Joey and I played the chords to "40" over and over ushing in the Holy Spirit. It happened subtly as I thought perhaps Bill, Justin or Joey were singing, but after quickly scanning the stage I realized that no one was on the microphone singing this angelic chorus. Joey and I tried to sing the same chorus but fell WAY short of matching the tone and quality of these voices. I truly can't explain it other than it was from God and it was awesome.

Now there's no need to make a great pilgrimage to KHOP to listen to these angelic voices sing along with a few worshippers trying to figure out Harp & Bowl. You're not going to see Mary reflected in the glass windows or Peter in the clouds. We're doing this to bring honor and glory to God alone. Sure we'd love to have you come, but be prepared to meet Jesus here. =)


ian said...

the sleeping blogger has awoken!

erik said...

hey there stripey killer. (j/k) how's the baby? they grow up quick, huh? i realized that people are linking to this blog so i better post more often. =) blessings brother!

kfinn said...
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kfinn said...

sleeping blogger has awoke indeed! YAHOO!

hoping the angelic KHOP night was recorded. would LOVE to hear it!

erik said...

Unfortunately the CD recorder didn't work. JC tried to record the first and second half of the night and it bombed for some reason. =(