Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Innocence from the Window

Last night I stayed up too late playing the guitar and listening to music. So it was no surprise that I was a bit sleepy when I dragged my 34 year-old body out of bed this morning. The morning shower simply didn't cut it so I stopped in at our local "ShortStop" to get an 89 cent cup of coffee (at least coffee doesn't cost as much as gas or milk).

When I walked out, there was a pick-up truck parked next to my Corolla and a little girl insistent on getting my attention. I sheepishly gave her a little wave, as I didn't want to cause concern to her mom or dad (at least I was hoping that's whom she was with). But that wasn't enough for her.

She started knocking the glass, waving like she couldn't control her flailing arms, with a huge grin on her face. Her 4 year-old smile made my day. I bust out laughing, waved again and this time offered her a wink. She tried to wink back but instead I got a cute blink as a substitute. She continued waving as I backed my car out of its space and headed for the interstate.

And that my friends, was a better way to start my day than a house blend cup of coffee.