Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time is of the essence

I've gone through a series of revelations lately in which I seriously need to get my time under control and disciplined. At times I grow restless and feel I need some "Erik" time but it seems to perpetuate and snowball, especially when I'm not sleeping enough. It's a dangerous cycle to fall into because it impacts all aspects of my life.

So one of my accountability partners and I sat down and made a pledge to hold each other accountable to how we manage our time. We both agreed we need to move away from the mentality that we need space and time, since that only seems to place a wedge in our relationships with God and family. Instead, we want to focus on maximizing the gift of time that God has blessed us with that is so precious. It's all about living a radical lifestyle for the Lord; talking to Him more and reading His Word...sharing His everlasting love with those around us...leading our families by being an example of salt and light.

Since BW is in California at the time in the process of adopting a baby boy, I think I've subconsciously let it slide a bit because I know I won't be held to any time standards in his absence.

But it's time to submit.

Lord, help me to submit to your will and higher obedience and discipline that you've called me into.