Thursday, October 30, 2008

Okay...this is somewhat of a shameless plug but if you read my blog, then you should read Joel Klampert's blog too.

I use a tool called which helps me keep track of mostly the posts of many bloggers and other sites. The tool searches for new content and organizes it online in one central place letting me know when an update takes place.

One site that I follow in particular used to be called CECWorship but recently changed to So I just updated Bloglines so I can now follow Joel's posts on a daily basis.

So why should you read his blog? Here are my top 10 reason:

  1. Joel has an awesome heart for worship and God (not necessarily in that order)
  2. We gravitate toward the same style of music which is pretty eclectic in nature.
  3. We have almost the same family situation - young kids and married for 11 years.
  4. He is authentic and honest. He doesn't mask his feelings but wears his emotions on his sleeve.
  5. He's a Mark Batterson fan and was train-wrecked by "In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day."
  6. He's into GOOD design and is a web/graphic designer.
  7. He has a heart for the multi-site church.
  8. He's turned me onto music I hadn't heard of before especially "Worth Dying For"
  9. He's well-read and likes the same kind of authors and books as I do.
  10. He's bald like me.

Don't just take my word for it, see for yourself.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Alpha Worship Muzzle

We kicked off our fall Alpha class a few weeks ago and our NorthBranch band is leading the music portion. We're incredibly blessed to be in our new space which we call The Station - an older warehouse that was completely remodeled and renovated by members of our church. They even built a decent size stage complete with a new drum kit, floor monitors and enough media equipment to put together a decent size band and sound.

As we lead music for Alpha, we were instructed to keep things low-key so that we don't scare off people who are new to the church and to Christianity. I struggle a bit with this approach because I have met other Christians on fire for God...and that fire was contagious. I wanted some of that in my life. So I think we're a bit unauthentic when we just go through the motions of worship. Further, I think we're dishonoring God. Worship music helps usher in the Holy Spirit and the presence of God...the Holy Spirit and the presence of God changes hearts and lives. So why would we want to worship God with a worship muzzle?

The other night, my family was up at The Station for dinner and participating in worship (music) in the back. As we tore into our worship set, I looked down the aisle past all of the seated members of the class and spotted my 3 year-old dancing wildly with his hands raised upward to Jesus. It was one of the most beautiful things I had seen in a while and I felt a huge grin break across my face. I wish the church could have seen it as he was demonstrating what authentic worship was all about.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Life Worship

I have this thing for New Life Worship. They are the worship arm of New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Their music simply resonates with me and I am drawn in...closer to God. They are a big catalyst for me connecting with God so I use them A LOT during worship.

What's sweet about New Life Worship is it's comprised of a bunch of artists including many great musicians from Desperation Band and of course Ross Parsley. Jared Anderson also has a couple of solo albums that really rock as well.

Last week they had the Enter Conference in Colorado Springs at the church. It was a conference geared toward the worship leader and I was dying to go...especially since New Life Worship was unveiling a new album and several artists were going to be there (Paul Baloche, Gateway Worship, etc.) Unfortunately I couldn't afford to make the trip on my own and stopped short of contacting some people networked through I just found out last night they are doing a Seminars4Worship Conference in Grand Rapids, MI which would be about an 8 hour drive for me. Again I am tempted but I don't think I can pull it off since it's a week from today.

Someday I will go, but for now I need to stand on the sidelines and watch the game.