Friday, May 26, 2006

The Dream Giver

The Matthews rock. If you know them, you're probably nodding in agreement. They decided to have a "Dream Gathering" where lots of people in our community posted their dreams (God's dreams) on a wall to be prayed over. Apparently there are over 100 dreams on the wall...and it's growing. I haven't officially contributed to this yet as it kind of makes me nervous for some reason. I guess perhaps it would mean that I am committing to a vision or dream God has laid on my heart.

Last year, I wrote about 25 dreams down on a piece of paper. I am going to attempt to try it again below (this may be a work in progress). However, I do feel it's important to only focus on one or two...not 25 all at the same time. Here's my list of dreams...
  • Record and distribute a CD
  • Form a Harp & Bowl worship team
  • Play local venues
  • Lead worship at major conferences and houses of prayer
  • Write a book about worship
  • Develop and facilitate a worship workshop
  • Study at the Forerunner Music Academy
  • Step out in faith and start an entrepreneur business
  • Help launch Thomas Lift
  • Design and produce some cool t-shirts
  • Short-term missions trips to anywhere...Jamaica, Ghana, Mexico, India, China, Mozambique, Brazil, Fiji, Tahiti, Australia
  • Be a part of a 24/7 prayer movement
  • Play a more active role as a sponsor of our Compassion child
  • And of an awesome husband and daddy
What are YOUR dreams?


akb said...

Corey and I will buy your cd if you do one! I love your dream list! Mine is posted on our fridge:-)

April said...

I think I just heard God say "yes" to every sngle one of them. I love you and your big beautiful dreams my friend!