Friday, October 27, 2006

Who's Your Neighbor?

Sometimes it's lonely in the corporate world especially as a Christian. It's not like we're branded believers versus non-believers so I can automatically connect with my brothers and sisters in the marketplace. I think this is a good reminder to live a radical life for Jesus, even in the workplace by modeling and living by the fruits of the Spirit. People will eventually catch-on.

A good indication is when people swear around you. Once they figured out you're living for Jesus, they normally apologize when they swear. Maybe not always when they are taking the Lord's name in vain, which is more offensive to me, but sometimes.

Yesterday I held the elevator for an unaware colleague of mine, who was busy stuffing confidential documents into the shredding bin. She hurried in and we exchanged the normal pleasantries. Normally we wouldn't have much in common so she hurried a few steps in front of me as we exited the building, following the same route to our cars. This time she turned back and said, "Do you lead worship at KHOP on Tuesday nights?"

Surprised by the connection, I responded, "Yeah, do you go to Elim Christian Fellowship for the Bible study on Tuesdays?" It lead into a bigger discussion about her experiences at Elim and KHOP. But I walked up the dreary hill to my car with a smile on face knowing I made a connection with another Christian on fire for Jesus.

Matthew 18:20 reads, "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

God didn't want us to be alone. He gave Adam, Eve. Jesus had 12 disciples. They were companions, partners, buddies, brothers and sisters. It's the same way in the marketplace. God wants us to connect with other Christians in the workplace. After all, we spend SO much time together, why not make it pleasing and fruitful to God?


Ignaz said...
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kfinn said...

I love this post!! We're called to be dependent on one another and dependent on God... so different than this ridiculous notion of being "independent" that's thrown at us by society. THanks for being real.

p.s. I smiled HUGE when I read your post on my blog. PRAISE GOD she quit!!!!!!! I'm so happy - for BOTH of you!!! That's HUGE!

The Meggisons said...

Yes! We need one another and the greatest obstacle we have to the gospel being relevant in the lives of people is ALONENESS!! As we reach out and move into people's lives (both the joyful and the painful), God creates space for Himself in their heart. I love it!

mitch matthews said...

Yo... bro.

You rock brother... flat out. I love how God uses you in the market place. You're this curiousity... You're a beacon of hope... and let's face it... you're freakishly cool. (That doesn't hurt!)

Keep up the good fight brother.

God's making an impact through you!

Shane Vander Hart said...

Great reminder - thanks!