Sunday, August 19, 2007

Broken Leg

Every time I hurt one of my kids by accident, I can't help but feel what God felt like when He watched his Son hang on a cross. He must have wanted to switch places with Jesus at the drop of a hat. If God has fingernails, I'm sure he was biting them...or He was pacing in heaven while He tried to overcome the terrible butterflies in His stomach.

Yeah, that was me on Friday night. We drove to my sister's house and Logan crumpled on the trampoline as he and I jumped together. I knew immediately it wasn't good. And several hours later, the doctors at the ER confirmed that he has a buckled fracture of the tibia.

As I mowed the lawn tonight, I thought about how I wished I could rewind time and do that night over I wish I could trade places with him. I thought about all of the things I would consider doing to trade places with him. I stopped short of sawing off my arm (yeah, I think weird things) because I wanted both of my arms to be able to hug my kids.

Anyway, if you could keep Logan in your prayers I would appreciate it.


April said...

you're a good Dad Erik Carlson. Now stop that worrying!


erik said...

Logan now officially has a full-leg, Cyclone-red cast on his leg and a fancy shoe. He's quite pleased he can stand on his own again.