Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One of many reasons why I love my son, Jonah

My youngest son, Jonah, has taken a liking to my cologne. I suppose that I should be flattered that my sons want to be more like Daddy. So our new routine during shower time is this:

1. Lather up the kid real good with soap and shampoo. Rinse.
2. Lather the kid up with Old Spice Sport body wash. Rinse.
3. After I have him dried off, we apply a generous amount of moisturizing lotion.
4. And then the best part. He carefully samples each one of my cologne bottles (sadly, I have about 10 of them) - sniffing each one with deep breaths.
5. After we narrow the selection down to half, he selects his favorite.
6. I spray a small amount on his hands which he rubs together, pats his face and rubs on his tummy and arms.
7. Then he proudly declares, "Mommy! Smell me! I got some of Daddy's smellies on!"

I gotta admit - that's one kid I definitely love snuggling after that routine. ;)


mitch matthews said...

Oh... you made me laugh out loud buddy!

That's awesome.

Heck, now I've got to go check out the Old Spice!

I've got to get some of those good smellies going!


Honee said...

Oh! I never knew men are open like this. I mean, I sense something emotional down here, and I love it. It's seldom that men talked about their love ones. Great posts. Nice post! I hope you will also visit Worship Songs, maybe you and your son would like to bond and listen the music together.