Friday, November 07, 2008

And the MRI says...

About a year and half ago, we got drilled by a snow storm. Since my snow blower was functioning more like garage decor (it wouldn't start), I shoveled the driveway and sidewalks by hand that winter. On this particular day, I did something rather foolish. I was pushing the snow by running with this shovel. The momentum allowed me to force the snow the edges of the driveway faster. Except on this day, I hit a crack, jammed the shovel and jarred my shoulder. Excruciating pain. And to make matters worse, I did it twice.

I went to the doctor's office and we took x-rays which came back fine. He prescribed some pain killer meds for me and gave me some stretching exercises. I was told to schedule another appointment if it didn't get better.
My shoulder healed but remained sore. It was sore to bend it certain ways and to lay on my right side. It was sore when I lifted heavy things or wrestled with my children. But it didn't necessarily hurt. Until 2 weeks ago.

Somehow I managed to jar my shoulder again. I really don't recall how or when I did it but I know it happened two weeks ago. It hurt so bad that I would turn the volume on the radio or use my wipers with my left arm. If I raised it more than 45 degrees, it hurt. Bad.

So off to the doctor I went and we finally took a closer look by a MRI. Yesterday they called and said that my rotator cuff is torn.

This is interesting news to me. I am at a point of burn out with the worship ministry. Apathy has set in and I am not feeling healthy right now. If my orthopedic doctor recommends surgery, my guitar playing days will be postponed for quite some time. I am slowly working in two new worship leaders so the timing is what intrigues me. Should surgery happen, then it may be time for Mark and Brad to lead for a while. It would perhaps give me the break I need to regroup, refuel and re-energize as a worship leader.

I need healing for my shoulder and my soul.


kwise said...

body first. you will be SOOO glad you are healed... when you are healed.

Justin Wise said...

Yeah bro. What she said. Burnout is never a good thing. Ever.

Get rested!